Petaluma: 地區之最 Regional Best

Petaluma由充滿遠見的Brian Croser創立,其理念是在最佳的地區種植最合適的葡萄,以生產各種高品質的葡萄酒。Petaluma在Adelaide Hill的Piccadilly Valley種植Chardonnay,在Coonawarra種植Cabernet Sauvignon和Merlot,在Claire Valley種植Riesling及在Adelaide Hill的Mount Barker種植Shiraz和Viognier。

Petaluma is founded by visionary founder Brian Croser whose concept was to select the best region with the  best suited variety for the production of high quality wines. Petaluma started from Adelaide Hill’s Piccadilly Valley for Chardonnay, then Coonawarra for Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, Claire Valley for Riesling and Adelaide Hill’s Mount Barker for Shiraz and Viognier.

由Andrew Hardy所領導的釀酒團隊,為了減少釀酒對環境所帶來的影響,努力不懈地去確保葡萄園和酒廠遵循可持續發展的原則。Adelaide Hills的Piccadilly Valley是南澳洲中氣候最清涼的葡萄種植區域,使種植出來的Chardonnay,擁有充足和自然酸度,能釀造出有風格的葡萄酒。這種清涼氣候令Adelaide Hills出產的白酒及氣泡酒份外出色。

Andrew Hardy is leading the winemaking team, lots of effort go into making sure the work in the vineyard and winery follow sustainable practices to minimize impact to the environment. Piccadilly Valley in Adelaide Hills is the coolest winegrowing region in South Australia and is capable of making stylish wines from the Chardonnay grape with plenty of natural acidity. Such cool climate allows Adelaide Hills to make fine whites as well as sparkling wines.

Petaluma Croser的非年份氣泡酒清新、具果香和結構完整,年份氣泡酒經陳年後,能令不少香檳愛好者為之驚訝。Hanlin Hill Clare Valley的Riesling充滿花果香氣,其板岩土壤使葡萄酒帶有充足的酸度和礦物。Petaluma著名的Chardonnay,是果味、酸度、酒體和質感的完美結合,與佳餚成絕配。Petaluma亦釀造不少尚佳的紅酒,Adelaide Hills的Shiraz帶有香料的味道和清爽的酸度,Coonawarra的Merlot成熟柔和,Cabernet Merlot則香味洋溢,口感豐富結實。Petaluma廣泛及出色的葡萄酒,定能讓愛好者揀選出心水的葡萄酒。

Petaluma Croser Non Vintage Sparkling wines are fresh, fruity and well structure with the vintage sparkling capable of further aging and could well surprise most Champagne drinkers. Hanlin Hill Clare Valley Riesling is full of floral and blossom notes and plenty of acidity and minerality as benefited from the slate soil. Petaluma famous Chardonnay has the perfect combination of fruit, acid, weight and texture and will pair well with many dishes.  like The terra rosa red clay soil at Coonawarra is most suited for Cabernet Sauvignon while the slate soil at Clare Valley is most suited for Riesling. Petaluma also makes a nice range of reds, the Adelaide Hills Shiraz is spicy and lifted, Coonawarra Merlot being ripe and supple and the Coonawarra Cabernet Merlot is perfume, plush and structured. With the wide offerings from this outstanding establishment, one will surely fine a region or a grape that they will enjoy.

適合飲用 Drink Now: Petaluma Croser Sparkling NV (氣泡酒 Sparkling Wine),  Hanlin Hill Clare Valley Riesling 2010, Petaluma Chardonnay 2008, Petaluma Tiers Chardonnay 2007 (白酒 White Wine), Petaluma Shiraz 2007, Coonawarra Merlot 2006 (紅酒 Red Wine)

需要陳年 For Aging: Petaluma Croser Sparkling 2008/2007/2000 (氣泡酒 Sparkling Wine), Coonawarra Cabernet Merlot 2007/2008 (紅酒 Red Wine)

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