Rockford: 巴羅沙谷的歷史 Barossa’s History

參觀Rockford就像重溫巴羅沙地區的歷史一樣。Rockford酒莊位於一個古舊的石做農舍裏,有些設備更具百年歷史。你必定會為一些古董破皮機,籃型榨汁機(Basket Press)和發酵池仍經人手使用而感到驚訝。

Visiting Rockford is like reliving the history of the old Barossa as Rockford’s cellar is inside a vintage stone settler’s cottage where equipments can be as old as 100 years old. You will be surprised that these antique crusher, basket press and tanks are still being used vintage after vintage to make hand crafted wines.

巴羅沙的傳統是釀酒師不擁有葡萄園,而是跟葡萄種植者購買葡萄。Rockford與葡萄種植者建立了長期的合作關係,提供優質的葡萄。釀酒師Ben Radford帶我參觀一塊美麗的葡萄園,這裡靠近巴羅沙山脈,葡萄不用灌溉。該地的葡萄生長得非常健康,在十一月中旬已開始開花。許多種植者的葡萄園都種植了60歲至100歲的原根老葡萄樹,這是一個釀造高級葡萄酒的一個關鍵因素。

Rockford has built long term partnerships with grape growers to source quality grapes for their wine production, an established tradition in Barossa where winemakers buy grapes rather than owning vineyards. Winemaker Ben Radford showed me one of the beautiful dry grown vineyard by the Barossa range, grapes were healthy and just started flowering in mid November. Many of the growers’ vineyards are planted on their own roots with an age of 60 to 100 years old which is a crucial ingredient to the quality of the final wine.

Rockford葡萄酒沿用巴羅沙的品種如Shiraz、Grenache、Mataro、Riesling和Semillon,以及其他品種如Alicante Bouchet和Cabernet Sauvignon。 90%的葡萄酒在澳洲內銷,當中60%予郵購會員或酒窖商店的客戶直接購買。Rockford葡萄酒跟食物很配,清爽的口感及帶礦物味的Riesling可配生蠔, Semillon的豐富質感與扇貝及魚類相配,而充滿果味的Alicante Bouchet玫瑰紅酒非常適合夏天野餐時享用。一系列的紅酒味道豐富,口感微妙,頂級酒Basket Press Shiraz氣味芳香濃郁,擁有李子和車厘子等多層次果味,成熟的單寧和清爽的酸度,是一瓶可陳年的優雅葡萄酒。

Rockford wines are made with established Barossa varieties such as Shiraz, Grenache, Mataro, Riesling and Semillon as well as other grapes like Alicante Bouchet and Cabernet Sauvignon. 90% of their wines are sold in Australia with 60% direct to their mailing list members and cellar door customers. Rockford wines are a great compliment with food, the freshness and minerality of Riesling are great with oyster while the Semillon have great texture which will go well with scallop and fish and the fruity Alicante Bouchet Rose is perfect for a summer picnic. The Reds are full of flavours while feeling so delicate on the palate with the top wine Basket Press leading the pack with intense perfume on the nose with layers of plum and cherry fruits on the palate, ripe tannins and lifted acidity, a truly elegant wine that can age gracefully.


Enjoy a piece of the Barossa history the next time you enjoy a glass of Rockford wine.

適合飲用 Drink Now: Local Growers Semillon 2004, Eden Valley Hand Picked Riesling 2006 (白酒 White Wine), Alicante Bouchet 2008 (玫瑰紅酒 Rose Wine), Moppa Springs Grenache/Mataro/Shiraz 2004, Rod & Spur Shiraz Cabernet 2005 (紅酒 Red Wine)

需要陳年 For Aging: Rifle Range Cabernet Sauvignon 2008/2005, Basket Press Shiraz 2008/2005 (紅酒 Red Wine)

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