Marqués de Riscal: 傳統與前衛之美妙融合 A wonderful blend of Tradition and Avant Garde

Marqués de Riscal是一個傳統的生產商,擁有 150多年的歷史。2006年,Marqués de Riscal推出由加拿大建築師Frank Gehry負責 設計的“City of Wine”項目,,其建築群集新舊酒廠、豪華酒店、餐廳和葡萄酒水療於一身。該建築群洋溢著Marques de Riscal的色彩:粉紅色象徵葡萄酒,金色象徵包圍酒瓶的金絲線,而銀色則象徵酒瓶頂的銀箔。

Marqués de Riscal is a traditional producer with over 150 years of history. In 2006, the “City of Wine” is launched, it is a project designed by Canadian architect, Frank Gehry. The “City of Wine” complex comprises the original winery, new winery, luxury hotel, restaurant and wine spa. The architecture is infused with the colors of Marqués de Riscal: pink for the colour of the wine, gold for the mesh wire surrounding the bottle and silver for the foil of the bottle.

Marqués de Riscal位於Rioja Alavesa的Elciego村,葡萄園乃石灰岩粘土,佔地約 1,300公頃,主要種植Tempranillo、Graciano、Mazuelo和Cabernet Sauvignon葡萄。Marqués de Riscal 在Rueda有另一個酒莊,出產使用Verdejo、Viura 和Sauvignon Blanc釀製的葡萄酒。

Marqués de Riscal is located in Elciego of Rioja Alavesa, vineyards stretch across approximately 1,300 hectares. The grapes planted are Tempranillo, Graciano, Mazuelo and Cabernet Sauvignon and are grown on clay limestone of Rioja Alavesa. Marqués de Riscal has another winery in Rueda, making wines from Verdejo, Viura and Sauvignon Blanc.

Marqués de Riscal重點斥資在酒廠上,是首間在西班牙安裝葡萄篩選桌的酒廠,以人手揀選優質葡萄來釀酒。Marqués de Riscal在 Rioja、Rueda和Catilla Y León等地區釀造不同的葡萄酒。Rueda主要出品的 Verdejo葡萄,其清新芳香的風格,常予人Sauvignon Blanc的錯覺,非常適合佐餐之用。但Verdejo葡萄亦可釀出不同風格的白酒。Reserva和Gran Reserva級別的葡萄酒風格經典,以美國橡木桶陳年,帶出成熟水果、甜香料和陳年的複雜性。頂級葡萄酒Baron de Chirel Reserva使用Tempranillo以及Rioja最古老的Cabernet Sauvignon葡萄樹釀造而成。這酒高級優雅、酒體豐富、有甜美的果味和平衡的酸度。Marqués de Riscal揉合傳統與前衛,實在令人賞心樂事。

Marqués de Riscal invested heavy in the winery and it is the first winery in Spain to install sorting tables for manual selection of grapes for used in their best wines. Marqués de Riscal makes a range of wines from Rioja, Rueda and Catilla Y León. The wines from Rueda is mainly from Verdejo grapes, producing fresh and aromatic wines which are great to enjoy over a meal, one could easily mistake this grape with Sauvignon Blanc but Verdejo definitely can make great white wines in different styles. The Reserva and Gran Reserva from Rioja are classic in style, using American oak for aging, showing ripe fruits, sweet spice and aged complexity. The top wine Baron de Chirel Reserva uses Tempranillo as well as some of the oldest Cabernet Sauvignon planting in Rioja, this wine is classy, full body with luscious fruits and balancing acidity. It is wonderful to see that Marqués de Riscal is cherishing its ancient heritage while looking forward into the future.

適合飲用 Drink Now: Rudea Verdejo 2009, Limousin 2007, Finca Montico 2008 (白酒 White Wine), Rosado 2009 (玫瑰紅酒 Rose Wine), ‘Riscal 1860’ Castilla Y León 2007, Reserva 2005/2006, Finca Torrea 2006 (紅酒 Red Wine)

需要陳年 For Aging: Gran Reserva 2001, Baron de Chirel Reserva 2004 (紅酒 Red Wine)

地址 Address: Calle Torrea, 1, 1340 Elciego, Spain

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